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VanAbel.Com Offers Independent Data Processing Consulting Services to Plaintiff Attorneys & their CPAs for Class Action Cases which involve complex data. Our role is to work under the direction of the law & accounting firms to extract, quantify and verify exceptions of the class.

Our New Site contains many redirects to our main page, because we have changed our business model and it eliminated many pages for old products and services. Our main business focus now is data processing.

Recent Processing Services Class Action Suit - Data Analysis / Processing Consultant. This suit was settled 8/2010 without going to trial and the award did include damages as we computed.

Jan - Feb 2008, Jun - Nov 2009 Duree Barton PC, Denver, CO. VEHICLE UM & UIM INSURANCE CLASS ACTION LAW SUIT. Responsibilities included initial meeting with the Law Firm & Duree Barton to determine extraction process for 9+ million billing records; computer requirements to handle billing records; database selection; database designs (schemas); data import utilities; review, evaluation & determination of Insurance Company's data dictionary with Duree Barton, so we could best determine data meanings; query export/import utilities to identify unique households, which were then put into additional database tables; test model data extraction for Duree Barton; worked hand-in-hand with Duree Barton to validate the defined data models; worked with Duree Barton to identify final data extraction based on test models; wrote extraction utilities to final data; designed final data database schemas; executed utilities to import final data into database tables; wrote and executed final data queries for class action damages; wrote summary document of data processing for Duree Barton.

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